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Pinnacle Financial Partners new branch in Greensboro will make life easier for its customers

As reported, Pinnacle Financial Partners (PNFP) is stepping up in North Carolina’s by opening a new area office in Greensboro.

It is believed that the area of this new branch at 707 Green Valley Road will be in the region of 24,000-square-foot.  It is a three stories structure, with Pinnacle using the first two floors with the top floor made available for let out.

Reports also said that this new branch will incorporate a complete service bank office and commercial banking team. Not just that, wealth and insurance advisers will also get there place in it.

Furthermore the company which has ironically claimed in the past that it plans to spend around $8 million and $10 million in the Greensboro branch.

When the announcement was made public , bank’s chairman of the Carolinas and Virginia, Mr. Rick Callicutt said in his statement that this office has been setup with a growth mindset.  He added that the company is witnessing very positive results since the latest hiring’s, and it seriously plans on to progress from this latest boost from now on.

This latest installation is way larger than previous one.  It is also more contemporary and have very easy location for the consumer, so they get the ideal space to carry out business and get the proper advice from officers.

The property on which this latest area office is constructed, is previously purchased by High Point Bank prior to its joining with Bank of North Carolina/BNC Bancorp.

Last year Nashville, Tennessee- based Pinnacle Financial Partners (PNFP) bought High Point-based BNC Bancorp, for reported $2 billion. One of the key factor of this take over was that it opened doors Pinnacle’s to enter in North Carolina’s market.

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