Money Markets step up in home security business by acquiring $1 billion Ring

According to latest reports, has completed a takeover of Ring, a company that makes video doorbells, in a transaction valued at more than $1 billion, marks the major stride in the promising internet business of home security.

The deal, supposed to be Amazon’s second largest following its $14b acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017, is the most recent in a series of moves that is the indication of the firm’s ambitions to enter a surprising variety of markets.

Since the company was originated as an E-bookseller not long ago, has stretched out into delivering its own packages then it created a leading cloud computing services business and also turning out to be a brick-and-mortar grocer suddenly with its takeover of Whole Foods.

Analysts are saying this deal can pave Online giant’s control over the budding industry that creates power smart homes, in area where it is trying to become a main player. Certain Ring doorbells and cameras already connect with its virtual assistant, Alexa.

In the recent years delivery parcel robbery has been one of the major concern for e-commerce firms as people are more and more going for the online shopping.  As a result Amazon has stepped up with solutions like package lockers and apartment buildings’ package hubs.

Few months back, Company launched its Cloud Cam security camera along with its “Amazon Key” product. Amazon key makes its delivery drivers to drop parcels into customers’ homes through a sophisticated smart lock system.

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