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Toyota joins Nissan And BMW to put faith in UK following Brexit vote

According to reports Japanese giant car maker Toyota is set to manufacture its new Auris hatchback  in UK. Toyota already have a facility in Burnaston Derbyshire.

The company  last year vowed to upgrade its Burnaston plant. This arrives amid speculation that auto industry might turn its face from  UK amid brexit woes.

Following Brexit auto manufacturers and the Analysts in Industry have been warning about taxes on export and damage of European Supply chain.

Toyota also reportedly pledged to build most of its engines at its Deeside factory in North Wales. Both these improvement will add around 3000 jobs.

Most of key players in automaker industry have not taken any affect of these warning as they are investing more and more in the UK since the Brexit vote.

However according to latest figures investment in the Country’s car-making Industry plunged significantly last year, as companies are not sure about the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

Meanwhile, Nissan revealed plans to manufacture new Qashqai and X-Trail SUV at its Sunderland factory. German giant firm BMW also said it will assemble its electric Mini in Oxford plant.

Toyota announcement is without any doubt a vote of confidence in the UK. But it comes with a caution that unrelenting free and non-stop trade with Europe will be a key for long term triumph. That means commitment to the country is promising but is not vague or unconditional.

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