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Ford Motor hired Blackberry engineers to work on its self driving car

According to latest reports , Ex-BlackBerry employees have moved to Ford Motor Co. to research for self-directed vehicle.

Ford reportedly has hired workers from a former BlackBerry software company site at 1200 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway.

In 2017 once iconic cellphone-maker BlackBerry unveiled details of its partnership with Ford. In a statement it said that as the company is taking a spin from hardware to software, Blackberry is moving their trade to support enterprise security, automotive and embedded software .  In line with that company is  doing  joint venture, and around 400 mobile phone engineers will work for US car-maker Ford.

Blackberry also said that this is an important opportunity for company and employees to work for a leader in the automotive sector.

Ford hasn’t come out officially to comment on the situation.

BlackBerry mobile was first unveiled in 1999, one of major reason for its popularity was security of corporate and government email, the reason it was quite famous with top officials and executives.

However with the influx of  Smartphone rivals on the market, BlackBerry started losing market share. In 2013, the company revealed a long waited line of Smartphones.

Meanwhile it was earlier reported that Canadian cell phone-maker’s spokesperson Sarah McKinney said that BlackBerry is at present turning its efforts on software. In January, Blackberry revealed a new cyber-security software that recognize vulnerabilities in programs used in self-driving cars.

Furthermore it was also reported that one of Dearborn-Mich.-based Ford’s target is to patent a driverless police car that uses AI to spot lawbreakers.

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