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T-mobile adds more jobs in North Charleston with the opening of new call centre

According to latest reports, U.S.’s third-largest wireless carrier T-Mobile’s unveiled its largest call-center in North Charleston. This new facility will set to create hundreds of customer service jobs in the area.

Bellvue, Wash.-based T-Mobile,  says it is expanding its footprint here to serve a mounting customer base. Reports said following the completion of hiring process this facility will offer jobs to almost 1,200 workers and that will be largest call centre of the company in the country.

In the meantime T-Mobile’s spokeswoman Kaitlin Craig says that new call centre is poised hit the milestone of 1200 workers by the end of the year. At present, the call center has 900 workers and a handful of job listings.

According to company stats, in the last five years T-Mobile’s growth surged by  55%. In total the firm has 17 call centers, and it plans to expand in the Lowcountry as it had been happy with the employees it found here.

T-Mobile’s new call centre is set to give a new life to a stretch of Rivers Avenue, near Otranto Road, that was stumbling after Kmart closed a year ago. The company also said it is planning to invest more than $17 million to rebuild the front end, and the project was bolstered by $250,000 in state incentives.

Furthermore its more than a decade since Cell Phone giant T-Mobile came to the Charleston, after taking over SunCom. The lesser wireless provider had established a regional headquarters on Daniel Island in 2002.

Moreover as T-Mobile center is opening new call rival Verizon Wireless is set to shut its Mall Drive customer-support hub in September as it moves 500 call center advisers at the North Charleston site to home-based offices.

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