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Xiaomi smart phones set to make a massive stride in expansion by hitting the U.S. market

According to latest reports from China its 4th largest market holder in the smart phones space Xiaomi Corp. is planning to sell its handsets in the U.S. by the end of this year, which will be a major coup in the Western market as it aims for a highly likely initial public offering.

Xiaomi, China’s has been expanding its market around the world with great success in the emerging markets like India and Southeast Asia in recent times, it has also made significant  strides to introduce itself in the Western markets, including Spain, where it opened stores earlier this year.

Xiamoi’s Chairman Mr. Lei Jun said in a statement that, the company has always been keen to enter the world most important market, He also revealed the time and said that it will launch its product by the end of 2018, or at max in the start of 2019.

Meanwhile launching its smart phones into the U.S. market, where Xiaomi already have string of products, such as internet-connected devices like speakers, cameras and electronic scales would be a massive task and will bring challenges, including the supremacy of reputable brands like Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. The company would also need to form a partnership with a telecom carrier, the market’s gatekeepers.

Furthermore Beijing-based Xiaomi could also face a hard time against Chinese smart phone brands in the U.S.

Another Chinese smart phone giant Huawei Technologies Co., failed to close a deal with AT&T Inc. to sell its high-end Mate 10 phone, the reason quoted was security concerns, which  Huawei completely rebuffed.

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