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Target rising its wages again in quick succession as it plans massive transformation

Reports said that a general merchandise retailer Target is set to rise  the minimum hourly wages to $12 from this spring.

The significance of this rise is that this is the second increase in mere few months time, while escalating its reinvention plan to make the discounter more competitive in the age of Amazon.

Few months before, Minneapolis-based Target rose its hourly wages from $10 to $11. On Tuesday in a press conference, Brian Cornell, CEO of Target again, insisted that he will raise the minimum wage to $15 by the end of 2020.

During the announcement made, company also revealed other proposals to help it accelerate deliveries and make more convenient shopping in its stores.

Target is reportedly set to roll out free, two-day delivery for hundreds of thousands of items on In the past only holders of its branded credit card were offered this facility and normal shoppers required to spend at least $35 to get free shipping.

Meanwhile its same-day delivery service, which was on trial in New York City, is now set to roll out to key cities in the U.S. such as Boston and Chicago.

Also Giant retailer was trial testing curbside pickup at almost 50 stores, now aims to expand its plan 1000 stores  all over the country.

In 2017 Target announced to spend more than $7 billion in transformation efforts over the next three years. That plan comprises enhancing old looking stores, opening small and easy to approach stores in cities and college towns and to speed up its delivery process. The company also vowed to speed up  its plan to remake more than 50% of its 1,800 stores by 2020.

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