A Myriad Of Sawdust Uses


While working on woods, the one thing that can never be overlooked is the sawdust or what is more popularly known as wood flour. Most of the carpenters deal with sawdust on a daily basis as even a simple process of drilling, sanding, and even sawing produces a huge pile of sawdust. Even if you opt for a professional carpenter for working in your home, you will still have to deal with lots of sawdust.

You might think that sawdust is of no use, but that’s not true. Instead of spending money on wood chips, you can easily buy wood flour at dansktraemel.com/uk/wood-flour at a reasonable price to get your work done. There are multiple ways in which sawdust is used in the modern era, with the market of just sawdust increasing every year. We are going to talk about that application in today’s blog post.

So, let’s drill into the different ways one can use sawdust.

Perfect for your pets

You might have never thought about it, but wood flour can be the perfect bed partner for your pet. Good quality sawdust soaks up moisture and also traps bad odor. These unique qualities of sawdust make it perfect for kitty litter. You can also pump up the stuffing inside the bed of your pet by filling it with sawdust.

It will not only keep the odor away, but it will also prevent the buildup of moisture as well. If you are a proud guinea pig owner, then just adding a layer of sawdust where your cute pet lives will be perfect. Pets like guinea pigs enjoy the bed of sawdust a lot, and it will keep them healthy and relaxed as well.

Blotting material

Spilled a colored drink on the floor and don’t know how to get rid of the spillage? Just throw sawdust on the floor. There are many different types of sawdust available in the market, and most of them are absorbent. After throwing the sawdust on the floor, all you will need to do is scoop up the wet sawdust and move on to cleaning your floor.

Even if the spill is something very nasty like your dog’s pee, sawdust will still work as a magic for you. You will have to keep throwing and scooping sawdust on gross spills at least three to four times, and you will be able to get rid of the spill in just a couple of minutes.

Mulch making

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on packaged mulch for your garden, you can use sawdust. You can buy wood flour at dansktraemel.com/UK/wood-flour and then spread the wood flour on the bed of your garden. You will be surprised to know that even good quality sawdust will do the same job of preventing weeds and retaining moisture like mulch.

In some cases, sawdust works even better than mulch in your garden. But if you are going to use sawdust in your garden instead of using packaged mulch, then never forget to add a nitrogen component to your soil first. According to the thumb rule, you will need to use 1 gm of nitrogen component for every 50 gm of sawdust.

Starting a fire

You might not have to deal with stones and wet wooden sticks for lighting fire, but even with modern technologies, starting a fire is difficult. Some people use newspapers and plastic for starting a fire during camping, but the harmful ink and deadly smoke coming out burning plastic are not healthy choices.

What you can do is use sawdust for starting a fire in an eco-friendly and easy way. You can buy wood flour at dansktraemel.com/UK/wood-flour, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a fire pit or permanent fireplace, sawdust will help you in getting your fire on. Just sprinkle dry sawdust over the wooden logs or planks and put some at the bottom as well. This will help in igniting the fire without any hassle.

Wood filler

Don’t want to buy expensive wood filler for your home or office? Then the best solution for you will be to buy wood flour at dansktraemel.com/UK/wood-flour and mix it with a good quality adhesive. This can be easily used for filling up holes in your wood, and it will act as a permanent remedy. Just apply the good quality adhesive to sawdust and then mix both of them with the help of a putty knife. Lastly, throw sand on the wooden floor in order to get the perfect finish.

Sawdust might be a byproduct of the work done by carpenters, but with its growing use, it has become an independent product as well. The market of sawdust is booming since people are able to use it in various different ways.