Best Businesses/Industries to Invest in, in 2021

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As we come through a global recession, where should top financiers place their investment funds?

The world came crashing down around us last year. Across all four quarters we saw complete chaos. Established brands – some of them trading for hundreds of years – were put out of business as supply chain disruptions took hold and doors were forced to close.

From Texas to London, Bangkok to Moscow, we saw massive losses in most sectors of industry. The whole world was in recession… except for a few.

Some Companies Escaped Recession

Despite all the losses, closures, and mass unemployment 2020 left us with, there is hope on the horizon. Some firms managed to keep their heads above water – and some of us did exceptionally well. There was a massive shift in how we shopped. The firms that responded were the ones that ended up better off at the end of it all… but it’s not over yet.

We wanted to get a good grasp on what’s coming next. By examining those few successes of 2020 to try and predict the months ahead.

Best Businesses/Industries to Invest in this Year

This financial year, look towards the following areas of investment opportunity to make your money work for you.

1 – Tesa

Tesa, makers of mouldable glue Sugru, have maintained a steady profit during the covid-19 crisis. The need for minor home repairs has never been greater, so any company that supplies the products that allow people to make their own repairs, is going to be in profit.

As for the tradesmen and women that used to come and make these repairs, they don’t seem to be doing quite well. Only those able to work at emergency jobs, such as emergency plumbers, are still afloat.

2 – Fast Food

GrubHub, Ubereats and Just Eat, are but a few of the names in the ever-expanding roster of great places to invest. Fast food and takeaway services boomed during the pandemic. As restaurants were suddenly considered to be too unsafe to use, more and more consumers decided to order out and eat at home.

3 – Drive Through Ordering

Drive through ordering was another area that experienced a dramatic surge. While it does come under the banner of fast food, there were all number of new businesses that rolled out the drive through banner. Some coffee places took as much as 40% more customers than they had before. Fast food franchisees think the trend is set to continue.

4 – Medical and Healthcare Companies

Any business involved in healthcare has been put through the mill in recent months – but their value has skyrocketed. Especially in the area of medical research, which is experiencing a surge in popularity as the public eye is shone on it. For the next two to three years, biomedicine is going to be an interesting field for any investor with a passion for science. Watch this space.

Business will Bounce Back

We predict that business will bounce back. As ever, it will evolve to meet the demands of the consumer. As long as those demands exist, there will always be those making a profit to meet them.