Compelling Reasons Why Diamond Investment Is Better Than Gold


Both gold and diamonds are lucrative investment mediums but why diamond investments have taken the lead? It is a pressing question that has been addressed several times with explanations that did not clarify the doubts of investors.

This post will try to enunciate a few compelling reasons why investing in diamond is way better than putting your money on gold. Let’s begin:

The value of diamonds increases exponentially over time

There is a global change in investment trends. People are now open to the idea that diamonds offer better prospects to investors. On top of that, diamonds appreciates in value over time at an exponential rate, irrespective of the market conditions.

As per experts associated with one of the leading diamond investment solutions providers, investment-grade diamonds can provide more than 12 % annual ROIs to investors.

Gold on the other hand, similar to other commodities like silver, goes through fluctuating prices thus taking the risks associated with gold investments several notches higher. On top of that, you can expect ROIs from your gold investments in single-digit increments annually.

Developing nations are exponentially driving the demand for diamonds

Investors are shying away from commodities like gold and silver since their prices often fluctuate. The reason is simple – the respective industries are dependent on the global financial market. Diamond investments are flourishing since the industry is not dependent on market conditions.

Furthermore, the demand for diamonds, at present, is at an all-time high. The reason behind this scenario is simple to understand. The common masses hailing from large nations like South America, India, China now have access to more disposable income. On top of that, the millennial generation in these nations prefers to invest instead of spending to make their retirement years secure.

This situation is driving the demand for diamonds – a commodity that is available in regulated amounts, thus contributing to an exponential increase in price and making diamond investments a smart decision.

You won’t lose when you liquidate diamond jewellery

Buying gold jewellery and then selling them off in the near future when you need some cash right away would mean the liquidation of the same. In this way, gold jewellery loses its craftsmanship value thus bringing down the ROI factor by many folds.

This is not the case with diamond jewellery. Diamonds, given they are certified and are of investment-grade, whether you have them in loose form or in the form of jewellery, liquidation will mean the transfer of ownership, that’s it.

And as you already know, diamonds appreciate in value with time. Which is why, when you finally decide to let go of your diamond investment, you will be reaping the benefits of hefty ROIs.

One of the crucial aspects of being successful in diamond investments is to be vigilant when it comes to the value and quality of the diamond. To be on the safe side of things, it is recommended that you get in touch with renowned providers of diamond investment solutions. This is a definitive and safer way for you to get your hands on investment-grade and certified diamonds that are sure to give you massive ROIs in the future.