Selling on Walmart vs Amazon: The Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

Selling on Walmart vs Amazon The Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

Are you wondering whether you should start selling on Walmart vs Amazon? Amazon is in the lead for US eCommerce with 49.1% of the market share.

There’s more to determine the best sales platform besides looking at the market share. In this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of each platform to determine your best choice. Read on to discover all about each platform, and before you know it you’ll be shining online with your sales.

Selling on Amazon vs Walmart Marketplace

Just because Amazon is king with traffic, don’t write Walmart off just yet. Walmart has millions of visitors each month which can give you plenty of traffic.

While Walmart has an online presence, they still have their brick-and-mortar stores all across the U.S. Amazon receives millions of visitors each month, but more than Walmart, and is the top-ranked website out there.

Both companies are in competition with each other. For example, when Walmart offered 2-day free shipping, Amazon offered it at a lower amount.

Listing Items on Walmart

You have 2 choices when it comes to listing your products. Begin with an existing listing with other sellers, or create a new listing.

If you’re new to the marketplace you’ll want to have a strong understanding of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. That’s what people type into a search engine.

For example, say you sell barbie dolls, you’ll want to use the term barbie dolls in your listing. Since the term barbie doll is more competitive and vague, you’ll want to narrow it down more. For example, the type of barbie doll you’re selling.

Use Clear Photos

Ensure that you’re using high-quality photos with your products. If you’re not using high-quality photos, customers are less likely to click on them.

Also, ensure that your products are in the correct category. For example, don’t place barbie dolls into the fishing category.

Offer Free Shipping

In order to attract customers, you’ll want to offer free shipping. Heading around the internet you’ll notice that you’ll have plenty of competitors, many of who already offer free shipping. Ensure that you’re also offering the lowest price as well to stand out.

Earn Your Stars

The Walmart marketplace is harder to get into than Amazon. This means that you’ll have fewer competitors.

If you want someone to buy your products, you’ll have to build a reputation. Ensure that you only sell high-quality items to encourage positive reviews.

Selling Fees

Walmart Marketplace has lower fees than Amazon. With Amazon, you’ll have commissions, account fees, and sometimes closing fees. Walmart charges a percentage of each item you sell.

Amazon’s Selling Fees

On Amazon, you can have a pro seller account or an individual seller account. The pro seller account will require you to pay more per month. If you decide to do fulfillment by Amazon you’ll need to pay for inventory costs as well.

Selling on Amazon

When you’re wondering how to sell on Amazon you have a couple of choices. If you decide to list a product that’s already on Amazon you can use your description and images for that product. You’ll need to say how many of that product you have and choose shipping options.

When another company runs out of stock, then yours can be the top pick for customers. To stand out, it’s a good idea to offer lower prices, quicker shipping, or free shipping.

If you decide to list a new product, you’ll need to include the SKU, product title, images, search terms, product description, and EAN/UPC number. Ensure that you use SEO with Amazon products as well.

If you’re looking to add multiple items that aren’t listed online, go to seller central. From there, download the inventory file excel template and fill it in. Once you’re done you can upload it from the spreadsheet.


You have 2 choices when it comes to fulfillment on Amazon. You can either proceed with fulfillment by Amazon or fulfillment by the merchant(you).

Fulfillment by Amazon is where Amazon stores your product in their centers, and they do the shipping and packing for you. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for this.

The next option is where you pack, label, and ship the product yourself. This will save you more money but will take more of your time than fulfillment by Amazon.

If you’re a smaller business just starting out then fulfillment by merchant might be the better option. You might miss out on customers this way though since it’s harder to become an Amazon Prime shipper.

Amazon vs Walmart

Both Amazon and Walmart are great choices for selling your items. As far as which is better depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for higher traffic and are willing to pay more for it then Amazon is for you. If you’re looking for less competition but less traffic, and lower fees, choose Walmart.

You can choose to sell on both as well. If you decide to forego them both you can create your own website and drive traffic to it.

It’ll take longer to drive traffic since it’s your own platform, but it might be worth it if you’re looking to be in charge of the entire process. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for ads, use social media to create interest, etc.

The Pros and Cons of Selling on Walmart vs Amazon

After exploring the pros and cons of selling on Walmart vs Amazon, you should have a better idea of which is the better fit for you and your business. Would you like to read more business content? For everything from business to loans, check out our other articles today. Get detailed information about the variation in policies and regulations of different eCommerce stores, on this website: