Trade breakouts Strategy on Olymp Trade

Trade breakouts

The breakout strategy is one of the most used strategies by the traders to determine when to join and exit trades effectively and efficiently.

Active investors utilize breakout trading to hold a stance during the early phases of a cycle. It is a trading technique focused on volatility at high rates. The trading breakout strategy may be the initial step for big market movements, volatility extensions, and can provide minimal downside risk when properly controlled.

Breakout Trading Strategy

A breakout is a possible buying opportunity that happens when the price of an asset goes above a level of resistance or goes below a level of support on a volume rise. The cause breakouts are such an effective trading tactic that these configurations are the baseline for potential changes in uncertainty, large market fluctuations, and great price patterns in certain situations.

For starters, assume you are watching the price action of a specific currency pair over many hours. You note from your study that the value never increases above a specific price point. It does not drop below a certain price point, either. The former is generally called the price range of resistance, while the former is called the price range of support. Then the market unexpectedly increases above the opposition price level or sinks below the support price zone, all of a sudden.

For a certain period, this pattern persists. The breakout is called the period at which the prices increased above the resistance or drops below the support price level. Thus, the breakout strategy focuses on recognizing and benefiting from breakouts in trends.

Finding a Trading Breakout

Clients will recognize a breakthrough when it happens. Generally, an extra-long candle is observed, suggesting sudden price spikes over a short period.

The candle is closing well above the resistance or below the level of support. Your task includes forecasting how long the price will rise or fall until you’ve established the breakthrough point. You can comfortably enter and leave profitable trades in this manner.

Trading Procedure Using Breakouts Strategy

It is really quick to grasp and execute the trade breakouts strategy. Below, the procedure is given.

Recognize the Successful Candidate

Find products that have established high levels of support or resistance and track them. Note, the greater the support or resistance, the better the result. Ensure that when you search for products, you understand this.

Pause till the Breakout

Seeking a successful candidate does not indicate that prematurely a trade should be done. Wait patiently for the price of stocks to make their move. To be assured the breakout will continue, wait until near the end of the trading day to take your step on the day the stock price trades above its support or resistance range.

Set an Appropriate Target

Set an idea of where it is going if you are going to make an exchange. You would not understand where to leave the exchange if you don’t. This can be achieved by calculating the stock’s average shift or measuring the gap between support and resistance (particularly when price trends are traded).

Enable Retest of the Stock

The most important move is this. Old resistance becomes new support when a stock price crosses a resistance mark. Old support becomes new resistance when a stock breaks a support stage. The stock will measure the degree it has broken within the first couple of days in most of your trades. Only ready for that.

Understand when You have Failed Your Trade/Pattern

It is when a trend or breakout has failed as the stock tries to retest a previous support or resistance level, and it breaks back through it. It is essential that at this stage you take the loss.

Exit Trades Toward the Market End

At the open, you can’t distinguish if rates will be kept at a certain amount. That is why you might recommend waiting until a losing trade comes to an end near the market. If a stock remains below a predetermined amount of support or resistance towards the close of the market, it is time to close the place and move on to the next one.

Keep endurance

This method takes lots of patience. You can minimize emotions and be more rational about trade by taking these measures.

Leave at Your Goal

You are in the trade if you do not leave the exchange with a loss. If the stock price hits its goal or you meet your time target without reaching your target price, you can stay in the trade.

Stuff to Note When Using the Breakouts Strategy

  1. Identifying the breaking point is the primary objective when using this technique. That is, whether the price shifts above the trading level or below it. The breakpoint is when you are going to enter into a deal. You will also need to estimate how long the price will stay above or below the breaking point, in addition to exchange entry. It helps you to make greater profits and reduce losses.
  2. In active markets, where supply and demand continuously change, breakthrough trading performs effectively.


In all types of business conditions, breakouts happen. So, it can be a perfect way of making a profit by using a trading breakout strategy. To prepare potential entry and exit points, the first step in trading breakouts is to define present market trend trends along with support and resistance levels. Don’t let emotions get the best of you, as with any technical trading strategy. To receive advantages, it is advised to stick with your plan and learn when to get in and get out and use this strategy.