5 Things to Do During the Lockdown

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The 21-days lockdown has pushed all of us into a whirlwind of boredom and too much housework. Whether you are a parent trying to work from home, a student trying not to miss your friends or an elderly person who had to forgo daily walks, keeping yourself occupied during lockdown is essential.

Don’t let excess work or idle time get better of you. Stay in control of the situation by dividing work among family members and by ensuring you spend quality time.

Here are some of the things you can do during the lockdown.

  • Clean the House- Give it a Makeover

    • Have you been avoiding this for long? Cleaning just doesn’t sound interesting. But it can be fun if you plan a makeover. Start with one room or one rack a day. Rearrange the books, items, or clothes uniquely. Separate the things you no longer need and make a list of items you will need to buy after the situation is back to normal.
  • Find New TV Shows

    • We know this is something you are already doing. Catching up on the pending episodes and seasons of your favorite shows is a must. Also, you can search for new recommendations and try to watch something different. Why not try different genres now? Scroll through the Airtel digital TV recharge plans list and select the plan you want. You can watch TV, have fun, and learn new things when you expand your preferences. Make a checklist and tick each option of learning a new language, watch different genres, not-so-favorite actors, favorite shows, and whatnot.
  • Interact with Others- On Phone

    • Being isolated at home does not mean you stop communicating. Today with social media at our fingertips, you can easily search for your long-lost friends and call your relatives or friends you’ve been meaning to talk to but couldn’t. Join new groups and interact with others who have similar tastes. Become active, share your views, and have a healthy online conversation. You can recharge your mobile account through Airtel Payments Bank within 2 minutes and have uninterrupted fun talking to old and new friends alike.
  • Read Books

    • It is time to get back to reading. The best thing is that you can read books online as well as offline. So what if the hard copies are not available? There are many ways to read books online. Dust the cobwebs off that TBR list and bring back the habit of reading.

Clean up your social media profiles by removing unwanted pictures or videos, organize the numerous folders and create backup copies of important documents. Take up a new habit or get rid of an unhealthy one.