Best Airtel Recharge Plans under Rupees 500


Airtel customers have often complained that Airtel recharge plans are quite expensive. However, though it is true to some extent, Airtel also offers a range of affordable plans that will suffice your calling and internet surfing requirements. Below is a list of the plan that Airtel provides and that come under 500 rupees radar. These plans are cost-effective and will not burn a hole in your pocket while helping you with your requirements.

Plan of rupees 219:

The plan of 219 is a prepaid plan offered by Airtel and is quite an affordable and cost-effective plan. With this recharge, the user will be getting 1GB of regular data along with 100 SMS per day. There is also the facility of making unlimited calls to any network with this plan. The plan remains valid for 28 days.

Plan of rupees 249:

This is another plan that comes within the budget of under 500 plans. It is quite similar to the 219 rupees pack, but the major difference is that this plan gives you a higher data usage limit. With this plan, you will be getting daily 1.5GB data. The other benefits of calling and messaging remain the same as the 219 rupees plan. If you require a lot of data daily, then this plan is for you. The plan has an expiry limit of 28 days.

Plan of rupees 279:

The plan of rupees 279 is the same in every aspect with the rupees 249 plan. They offer the same amount of per day data, calling and messaging. However, with this plan, you will get access to an HDFC Life Insurance Plan that offers a cover sum of 4 lacs. This is the only additional benefit of this plan over the 249 rupees plan. The validity period of this plan is also 28 days.

Plan of rupees 298:

This plan is quite beneficial for users who consume high amounts of data daily. This plan is under 500 rupees and yet offers a whopping 2GB data per day. You will also have 100 SMS per day and you can call on any network for free. This plan is also valid for 28 days and is especially popular among people who are always on social media or are always streaming live videos.

Plan of rupees 349:

This plan is quite similar to the plan of rupees 298 plan that Airtel offers in terms of basic features. This means you will have a daily fund of 2GB data along with unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. However, besides that, this plan will give you a new Amazon Prime Video subscription. This is the additional benefit that this plan offers. The validity of this plan is also 28 days.

These are the best Airtel recharge plans that come under 500 rupees. All of them have the validity of 28 days only, so if you want a higher validity requirement, then you will have to look for plans that cost more.