Financial freedom in the time of crisis

Financial freedom

The current global scenario while we deal with this global pandemic has confined us inside our homes to safety. With indefinite lockdown situations & regulations on everything, we must all learn to live with the new normal. During these dark times, within this confinement, digital technology comes to us as a boon. Providing us with a freedom we neglected and took for granted in the past. Digital services have brought the world closer. May it be our loved ones, our education/schools/colleges, food & hospitality, ecommerce and even banking.

Digitization of banking has given us the freedom to carry out all our banking activities from anywhere around the globe. All you need is an electronic device with the application and an internet connection. Now the bank comes to you rather than you going to it.

Coming back to the current scenario, we all might be confined in remote locations or even away from our friends and family without accessibility to essential services. Cash crunch becomes a real issue during such situations. To combat this, we can rely on Mobile Banking. Mobile banking allows us to have a complete 360o banking experience. It allows the user to transfer funds to the ones in need or make outstanding payments. Banking applications even allow the user to pay utility bills & mobile bills without stepping out of the comfort of their homes. It also enables users to carry out money transfer transactions proving to be a boon in this current situation.

Calamity can strike at any given moment and as it is rightly said, time and tide waits for no one. We must secure our self and our financial independence to face such trying times. Saving for the future will secure you and your loved ones who are dependent on you and grant you financial stability. Fixed deposits are a great way to go about with securing one’s future against uncertainty. Applying for fixed deposits has now become even more easier with mobile e-banking apps that can even be used as a fixed deposit app. These digital banking apps allow the customer to apply for a fixed deposit hassle free through the mobile application itself.

Be ready, be prepared and secure your finances and family for any uncertainty by having the right planning in place. Cheers!