How The Internet Of Things Is Improving The Laundry Business


We are at an age where connectivity and technology are so refined – where smartphones can be linked to computers and pretty much everything else from lights to air-conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Today, we are at the cusp of a revolution in “smart technology.”

Smart technology–also known as the “Internet of Things” or IOT–has made our lives far easier than they used to be. At the same time, it has also made our businesses better. Whether you run an international corporation with several offices, a local coffee shop in New York City, or a startup based in a coworking space. The laundry business is also another one of these businesses who are reaping in the benefits.

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Technology has greatly reduced the amount of work we’ve needed to put in. In the past, you needed people to connect phones to one another, you needed people to manually copy books, you needed people to calculate distances to figure out where they are. Technology has made all of these things easier, either aiding your process or taking over the process entirely.

We can see technology do this in the field of laundry with companies like at the forefront. Their industrial washers and dryers utilize smart technology to monitor the cycles and allow users to set their preferences when it comes to washing with the press of a button.

The use and development of smart technologies by innovators like Continental Girbau and other pioneers not only make work easier but also more efficient. Human limitations that hamper efficiency such as the space for error, fatigue and others are non-existent with smart technology. This means in the laundry business, no more mistakes that ruin clothing or forgotten loads.

Smart technology doesn’t only make the small aspects of life easier but it can be used to improve the big picture. Some inventions allow for us to monitor things like water consumption. The ability to do so could save the laundry industry millions as it uses a lot of water. These inventions also allows these business to plan for the future as it gives them indicators that show the progress and sustainability of their businesses.

The rise of these new technologies, however, do not mean that we always know how to use them or how to maximize their efficiency. It takes time and effort to fully master these inventions. So read up on them and don’t be afraid to consult experts and analytic data.


Businesses live and die by their consumers. Hence it is important for businesses to know their consumers and how they react to their products. Smart technology allows you to see how often they use your products or how they use your products through connections. You can see if they use it a lot, how they prefer to use it and adapt your future products to what you learn.

At the same time, traditional means of gathering this data are also really good. Using social media applications like Facebook Messenger and other sites that allow for feedback, have two main benefits. The first is that consumers now have a direct means to tell you what they think and what they want. No longer are you basing your moves on abstract data, you now have the direct words of the consumer. The second is that it allows consumers to feel more connected with your company. This gives you a better image to your consumers.

In relation to image, how good your facilities are affect that image and how much people want to use them or your products. Utilizing inventions like lightbulbs that double as wireless speakers can show customers that you are able to innovate or at the very least amuse them.  The use of these inventions make you unique and different from other businesses.