Should I use an R and D specialist or an accountant for my R and D claim


In order to achieve continued growth, it’s critical for businesses to have access to the very best financial advice. For those organisations involved in research and development work, fully understanding the intricacies of claiming can have a big impact on the type and level of relief received. Here, we explore whether using regular accountants or R and D tax specialists is better for businesses engaged in innovative projects.

Accountant or R and D Tax specialist?

Many businesses prefer to hand simple claims over to their regular accountant, as such professionals are typically aware of the complexities around the process. This makes sense: naturally there is already  a level of trust between the business and their accountant, and they may already have a good understanding of the company’s finances. An accountant’s responsibilities, however, may be wide ranging, which is why R and D tax specialistscan be the better option when making a research and development claim.

R and D tax advisors tend to have a more comprehensive understanding of the specific issues surrounding claims for R and D tax credits, meaning they are aware of potential pitfalls and complications. With extensive experience in this one field, they have the expertise to ensure your claim is properly supported by the relevant evidence – particularly if this is your business’ first claim. They can also liaise with the HMRC R and Dteam on your behalf and ensure you get the maximum relief that you are eligible for.

What R and D Tax specialists provide

Whether your company is claiming for the first time or claiming for a new project, it’s key to identify whether the activity is eligible for R and D tax credits, and what expenditure qualifies under the scheme. Many companies in various sectors don’t even realise that they meet the necessary criteria to claim, and the knowledge of R and D tax specialists can be invaluable when determining the eligibility of a project, whatever industry your business relates to.

In addition, R and D tax advisorscan identify the specific costs that can be claimed for and take the lead in preparing a justification document to submit with your claim. Such a task benefits from an in-depth understanding of HMRC guidelines and using a specialist will save you time and resources in compiling the document.

Finally, they can provide information on how grant funding impacts an R and D claim, and can advise on which route – grant, R and D credits, or both – is best for your activities.

Find out more about R and D specialists

Technical knowledge relating to R and D tax goes a long way to ensuring your claims are successful, so by working with a specialist in the field, you can approach making a claim with greater confidence. If you’re looking for specialist advice on R and D tax credits, contact R&D Tax Solutions today on 0161 298 1010.