The ease of doing business in China


If talking about the ease of doing business, China is definitely not the bad option. It comes at the ranking of 31 number in 190 countries. This is enough to demonstrate the ease of operating any business in China. It was ranked 46, but within a year, China improved its techniques and strategic strategies to be on 31. How do you know about the ease of doing business before initiating a business in a certain country and before investing funds in China? You would have to look at the ease of doing business index of China. This index carries out a ranking for various countries against each other. This ranking demonstrates whether the regulatory environment of a country would be helpful to business. Countries that stand up in the ranking from 1 to 20 are considered to be suitable for conducting businesses.

Few months back in October, 2019, there was a research study conducted by the World Bank. According to this study, China is now ranked among the top 10 economies for ease of doing business. China has made its business environment better by putting continuous efforts. CIIE, China International Import Expo has opened opportunities for many businesses.

Construction business in China

If we talk about the construction business, China has increasingly improved in this area which has helped a lot to gain recognition across the world globally. In order to be permitted for construction businesses, like constructing a building, a mall, it only take 111 days.

Investment protection strategies

China has also been continuously working on the investor protection strategies for the minorities. This helped the Chinese economy to be ranked 28 across the world. China has not achieved this ease of doing business rankings within a night. It had been working tirelessly to make its name in the leading economies of the world.

Ease of trade

China has also worked for the ease of trade. Import and export have become quite easy due to new strategies being implemented. The infrastructure of port have been highly improved which is also a key factor for making trading easy.