The Full Cryptocurrency List for the World’s Active Coins


Since the first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin was founded back in 2009, there are now over 2000 active coins on the active cryptocurrency list. This can be an overwhelming choice for first-time investors.

Not all crypto coins are created equally and trying to get your head around where to put your money can be a daunting task. No matter where you look there are opposing opinions and a lack of concrete answers.

Of course, investing in cryptocurrency, like any other investment is a risk. You might end up with less than you originally started. However, some coins are a safer bet than others.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the best coins available now.


All cryptocurrency lists should start with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is considered the king of cryptocurrencies. It has seen some major rallies and crashes since its birth just over a decade ago. A number of financial analysts have estimated that a single Bitcoin might even be worth $1 million by 2025!


Litecoin was launched in 2011. If Bitcoin is the gold of cryptocurrency, then Litecoin is digital silver. The coin currently trades at around $75, but cryptocurrency experts are predicting that it might well see over $1000 by the end of 2025.


Ethereum may well be the number one alternative coin on this list. It’s the second-largest crypto coin after Bitcoin. It is becoming widely accepted as a recognized digital asset by global banks. It currently trades at just over $500, but by 2025 it’s expected to be worth between $3500 and $35000 per coin!


Ripple is quickly becoming one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies for investors. Much like Ethereum, it is been snapped up by banks and Paypal. The price of one coin is significantly lower than many of the other alt-coins. Ripple is currently worth around $0.65 a coin, but by 2025 financial experts are suggesting anything from 5-25 dollars.

If you’re considering buying Ripple then be sure to read this article.

Stellar Lumens

Stellar became popular back in 2017 when it entered the cryptocurrency top 10. It has been in and out of the top 10 since then, but the coin is still showing a lot of promise. Currently trading at around 18 cents, experts predict the coin could be worth over $30 by the end of 2025 That’s a 17000% increase!


Chain link is currently trading at around $12, which when compared to $0.17 back in late 2017 is huge growth. And Chainlink still has enormous long-term projected growth. With estimates suggesting around 300 dollars in five years.


Cardano is attracting a lot of investors. The long term goals for the coin are huge, but whether or not it can meet them is a different story. This makes Cardano a coin worth keeping an eye on. Cardano is currently trading at around 12 cents, with some experts predicting prices as high as $3 a coin.


Monero is a community-driven coin that is private, secure, and untraceable. Due to its security measures, it has been linked to criminal operations around the world. However, whether it is used for good or evil, the coin has made its mark. By 2025 the coin could have surged from around $130 to $1400!


Cosmos (ATOM) has attracted several investors and currently trades at around $5-6 a coin. It’s one of few coins that also offer a staking reward. This means that if you’ll earn a percentage of your holdings over time (usually around 5%). Experts have predicted that Cosmos could easily quadruple in value by 2025.


Similar to Cosmos, you also get a staking reward when holding on to Tezos coins. Tezos currently trades at just under $3. It’s expected that Tezos may make a gain of around 320% over the next five years meaning that a $100 investment could be worth over $400.

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is proving to be a solid investment. It might lack the volatility of some of the other coins, meaning it won’t make you rich quickly, but it’s a great choice for someone looking for a steady investment. Its price is around $0.23 currently with conservative estimates seeing it reaching $0.56 by 2025.


Tether is a little different from the other coins on this list. It’s known as a stable coin. This means that it aims to stay as close to the value of the US dollar as possible. “Why would I want to invest in that?” you might ask.

Well, Tether (USDT) allows you to bridge currency gaps. Let’s say you’re main currency is GBP. Several crypto coins can’t be bought with GBP, so instead, you can purchase Tether with USD and use it to purchase other unavailable coins.

Bitcoin Cash

Occasionally the developers behind a cryptocurrency can disagree, and these disagreements can end up as what is known as a ‘hard fork’. This is where the cryptocurrency essentially splits in two. One half goes one way and the other half goes the other.

Bitcoin Cash is the result of a hard fork with the original Bitcoin. With most hard forks, one of the two usually fails, but Bitcoin Cash was successful. It’s currently trading at just under $300 and experts foresee it easily reaching over $1000 by 2025.

The End of The Cryptocurrency List

That might be the end of our cryptocurrency list, but with over 2000 coins it’s certainly not all there is. The coins on this list are a great place to start for any investor and a must for a varied portfolio.

If you’re considering investing in cryptocurrency then do remember, as with any investment, that your capital is at risk. The safest bet is to invest no more than you can afford to lose. Although losing everything is highly unlikely with cryptocurrency, the market can be exceptionally volatile. Gains can turn to losses in a matter of hours.

With that been said, most of the coins on this list have shown tremendous growth in the last 12 months and the future for the cryptocurrency is looking promising.

If you’re looking for more money advice including potential investments then be sure to take a look at the rest of our site.