A Myriad Of Sawdust Uses

While working on woods, the one thing that can never be overlooked is the sawdust or what is more popularly known as wood flour. Most of the carpenters deal with sawdust on a daily...
Airtel digital TV recharge plans list

5 Things to Do During the Lockdown

The 21-days lockdown has pushed all of us into a whirlwind of boredom and too much housework. Whether you are a parent trying to work from home, a student trying not to miss your...

Ways to Better Your Candidate Experience Process

It is a common fact that companies are often overwhelmed with numerous CVs from applicants once they posted a job opening. Processing these CVs to streamline the best candidates can be time-consuming. Recruitment would...

Understanding the Ecommerce Landscape When Looking to Start an Ecommerce Store

Starting an ecommerce store, like starting any other business, is a challenging endeavor. However, there are challenges that are unique to starting an ecommerce business.For one, data security and online identity verification is of...

Best Airtel Recharge Plans under Rupees 500

Airtel customers have often complained that Airtel recharge plans are quite expensive. However, though it is true to some extent, Airtel also offers a range of affordable plans that will suffice your calling and...

Handling Payroll for Startups

Do you understand your responsibilities towards your employees and HMRC with regards to payroll? If you have recently started out in business and are employing at least one other person, then you’ll need to understand...
Jio in 2020

Best prepaid plans by Jio in 2020

As we entered the next decade, brands and companies have made their focus on expanding their customer base in 2020. Jio, with the largest general connectivity in India, has offered some of the best...

How To Hire The Best Sales Tax Consultant For Your Business Economics And Money

Introduction Are you spending most of your time filing returns? Have you become completely confused when it comes to local sales tax rules and regulations? Is your business suffering because of frequent notices from government authorities? Do you...
Tax manager working at the office

Setting Up As A Sole Trader

The Formalities Of Becoming Self-Employed It’s relatively easy to start out as a sole trader, but you should always follow healthy accounting habits to set you up for success! So, you’ve decided to join 3.5...
accountancy services

A Checklist for Starting a Business

If you are planning to quit your day job and launch your very own company, there is much to consider, and providing you have done your market research and are sure there is a...

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